Product Information

Advanced sealants for wireless, radar, satellite, radio and marine networks

  • Seals and protects all types of cable, wire and connectors from moisture and corrosion
  • Ideal for all types of antennas, wireless networks, radar, cable, satellite dishes, marine and aviation electronics, and any application requiring protection from the weather
  • Adheres to all cable and wire hardware and cable jackets
  • Offers years of protection from the effects of weather
  • Stays flexible, hot or cold; easy to remove
  • Used in many industries, including telecommunications, wireless networks, military, marine, aviation, aerospace and commercial radio
  • Made in USA  Insist on  “The Original Coax Sealant!”  Coax-Seal

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Product Specifications

Product: Coax-Seal

  • 60” consumer rolls, 1/2″ wide, in retail packaging for pegboard or counter display.
  • 12’ industrial rolls, 1/2″ wide or 1” wide.
  • Pre-cut strips, 1/2″ wide, in 10” and 4” lengths, bulk-packed.
  • 10” strip or (2) 4” strips in envelope, with complete instructions for use.

Easily applied, hand-moldable, tacky black plastic mastic, on peel-away paper backing, suitable for waterproofing a wide variety of connections. Adheres to vinyl and PVC outer jackets. Product is non-conductive, non-contaminating and non-toxic, and UV-stable.

Provides a long-lasting, waterproof seal for coaxial cable fittings and many other connections. Use for TV and radio antennas, satellite dishes, CATV, wireless networks, marine electronics, feed lines, radar and microwave installations, and many other applications.

ASTM D5-52, gm load, 5 sec.=7.0/10.0 mm. Non-hardening, non-oxidizing at ambient temperature.

Temperature Range:
Apply between 40° F. to 110° F.

Percent Solids:


Other Properties:
Material is non-staining to paint; stays flexible and maintains a waterproof seal over an extreme range of temperatures. Will not crack at -200° F, will not slump 1 hr. @350° F.

Optimum Cure Cycle:
Not curable

Application Equipment:
Hand applied